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Little Eric got his wings

Two days before Santa came

In the year 2 thousand and 13

And that’s when he became

A symbol of courage for us all

A story that must be told

And kept alive forevermore

Through satin bows of gold

Behind the plate in catcher’s gear

A careless child with dreams

But that was now 8 years ago

Or just yesterday it seems

In 30 months he would be gone

‘Little E’ would not grow old

He’ll always be a kid to us

Recalled with bows of gold

Cancer is a horrible thing

A disease to be reviled

And all the more when its victim is

A lovely, innocent child

Just the thought is quite enough

To render our hearts ice cold

We only hope they will be thawed

At the sight of bows of gold

With pain we cannot imagine

With pain too much to bear

What are parents to do except

To channel that pain to where

It can somehow make a difference

They can fight rather than fold

Fight the foe than claimed their son

Fight with bows of gold

Little Eric’s Foundation

Grew out of his parents’ grief

And keeps on growing and growing

All based on a firm belief

That if enough money can be raised

If enough ribbons can be sold

Cancer will eventually drown

‘Neath a wave of bows of gold

These bows now hang most everywhere

On the bridge across the river

On businesses and countless homes

It’s enough to send a shiver

Down your spine as you contemplate

This outpouring to behold

Love for Little Eric on display

In thousands of bows of gold

Eric Speicher was diagnosed with brain cancer at age 11 and died 30 months later in December 2013.

The following May, his parents created Little Eric’s Foundation which has since donated nearly $200,000 to children’s cancer research and families in need.

The current Gold Bow Campaign recognizes September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Bows, at $3 each, can be ordered on Facebook or by texting 570-430-7319.

Little Eric’s Game Night for a Cure, a casino night, will be held Saturday, Sept. 28 at Holiday Inn East Mountain Inn.

For tickets or information about the event or the foundation’s work, visit or call 570-814-3550.

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