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At 70 there’s a letting go

that at first you want to fight.

A reluctance to believe it’s so

that the end is now in sight.

Not that it’s around the corner.

You could have 10 years or more.

No need to gather mourners.

Still, you don’t know what’s in store.

In November I hit that number.

Seven decades in the kitty.

‘twas like waking from a slumber

that started with I was 50.

I always knew that time can fly

and tried to keep that in mind.

But then these 20 years went by

and an answer I cannot find.

Trying to come to grips with it,

this age that sounds so strange,

I look around from where I sit

and see nothing much has changed.

Yes, my belly is more ample

and I’m a good inch shorter too,

but in spite of these examples

nothing much is really new.

On the other hand I have to say

inside of me there’s change.

I’ve noticed in a certain way,

and this too might sound strange,

I seem to have way more time

than ever I’ve had before.

The hectic days when in my prime

are part of my life no more.

I doubt it’s Father Time that’s slowed

so, therefore it must be me.

Seems 70 years of living showed

just how peaceful life can be.

Accepting part of life is loss

is something we all must face.

The point I’m trying to get across

Is to handle it all with grace.

At 70 I feel I’ve plenty of time

to accomplish all my stuff.

At 20, it was always an uphill climb

and I couldn’t move fast enough.

What I was chasing way back then

today I can’t even recall.

But I’m finally at a point when

I feel I have it all.

Wisdom comes with advancing age

and brings a sense of calm.

These days I often stop to gauge

am I handling things with aplomb?

Mostly, I believe I am.

I’m taking things right in stride.

At 70 I am more of a lamb.

Not a lion puffed up with pride.

It’s not that I have given up.

I still pursue my dreams.

But now I’ve learned to lighten up

instead of going to extremes.

Fewer tomorrows with each day.

You’d think I’d be concerned.

Except in the moment is the way

to live I’ve finally learned.

The gift of youth the saying goes

is wasted on the young.

Most everyone at 70 knows

this notion is not far flung.

I once had youth, youth galore

and how did I choose to spend it?

In wild pursuit of fleeting amore.

How I wish I could amend it.

But even if we could design

a means do it over again,

I do believe I would decline

to return to where I’ve been.

From this vantage point I have to say

life’s been very good to me.

The bumps that came along the way

were what was meant to be.

All my prayers are gratitude

as these later years commence.

It’s always been about attitude

and the right one brings a sense

that life unfolds the way it should.

God’s planned it all this way.

Looking back it’s all been good.

At every age we’re okay.

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