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Wyoming Area, Class of 2019 graduates Nick Perry and Grace Jeffery received the Prokop-Malsky Scholarship, awarded to a student studying the arts in college. Jeffery is an entertainment technology major at Millersville University. Perry, a business major at Binghamton University, won the award for his electronic music production.

Grace Jeffery — Wyoming Area class of ’19 and one of the winners of the 2018-19 Prokop-Malsky Scholarship — is a pioneer. She’s enrolled in a new major discipline only offered at Millersville University.

“It’s called entertainment technology,” she said. “It’s the first of its kind in Pennsylvania and only Millersville out of the 14 state schools has it. It’s not just lighting and sound, it’s everything.”

She started class last week and likes it.

“I’m happy and I learned quite a bit all ready,” she said of her first week.

At Wyoming Area, Jeffery was president of the Thespian Society and crew chief for “Daddy’s Girl,” the drama club’s production last fall.

“As the crew chief, all the set building and the run crew was filtered through me,” she explained.

Her high school experience and her preparations for the scholarship competition was good training for her entry into the new discipline at Millersville.

“I was thrilled to get the scholarship. I worked the hardest on it to get all my ideas on paper,” she said of her essay.

She considered Penn State but said the program was too narrow. She got sold on Millersville by a professor who spoke at a thespian conference.

“He gave me the idea and it’s a good fit,” she said.

Jeffery said she would like to work for Disney someday and considers it a realistic goal.

“I’m going to try for some internships to get a better opportunity. Disney is not just a theme park but it is a full theater production,” she noted.

Jeffery is from Wyoming. Her parents are Paul and Nancy Jeffery.

The Prokop and Malsky Family Scholarship for the Arts, funded by the families, was created to provide help to a student who will pursue a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts in performing arts, visual arts, or a related field. It was first awarded to a Wyoming Area senior in 2017. The inaugural winner, Eve Urban went to IUP. Last year Tom Walkowiak was the second winner. He went to Arcadia before transferring to the University of the Arts.

“It’s nice to be able to give scholarships to students pursuing arts as their profession,” Gina Malsky said. “It’s not an easy route to take. But if you have the passion you can make it a profession.”

Malsky said they just don’t give out money as part of their scholarship commitment.

“We’ll meet with them at Christmas time, see how they are doing. We are always there for guidance and advice,” she said.

The scholarship is worth $2,500 to one student, but this year two students were selected to split the money.

“They were so well done and so different,” Malsky said.

This year’s second scholarship recipient was Nick Perry. He is at Binghamton University studying business and considering a minor in graphic design. He won the scholarship for his electronic music.

“I was excited and honored, too,” he said of winning the scholarship.

He calls the specific song he entered with the scholarship application “Waterloo.” He created it on his Windows PC with FL Studio, a digital audio workstation. He said his essay was about his “passion for creating electronic music.”

He has been at Binghamton since mid-August and is loving it.

“They have good facilities. I like the area and the campus,” he said.

He joined a music production club at the school. He doesn’t have a career goal right now, but whatever happens he said he is going to keep on creating music.

Find Perry’s music on the steaming platforms Spotify, iTunes and SoundCloud. On SoundCloud, search “Nick Perry” and scroll to a white circle within a black circle with “NP” in the middle. On Spotify, search “Nick Perry Waterloo.”

Perry is from Wyoming. His parents are Michelle and Will Perry.